Mentor for MLRs

As a valued member of our ‘Mentor for Management Rights’ program, you receive one on one business coaching from leading industry expert, Smiljan Jankovic, plus financial management to improve your business cash flow, profitability and future sale price.

Your ‘Mentor for Management Rights’ program includes:

  • Cash flow management to create a predictable and reliable income
  • Profitability analysis to identify additional income opportunities
  • Industry benchmarking to provide you with income and expense comparisons
  • Planning to create tax efficiencies
  • Quarterly MYOB reviews to identify and address issues
  • Preparation and lodgement of quarterly BAS
  • Preparation of financial statements and tax returns


  • Unlimited email enquiries to provide you with ongoing business and basic tax advice
  • Two bi-annual planning workshops to analyse your business progress, provide advice and recommendations for improvement, conduct industry benchmarking and plan for growth

‘Mentor for Management Rights’ gives business owners a plan for the future to maximise the profitability of your business. It connects you with industry best practice,
provides support and motivation. The program also allows for quick identification and rectification of issues to reduce your risk exposure while streamlining your administrative activities and paperwork.

You will need to use MYOB Live or a similar program and reconcile your files monthly.

For more information, pricing and a free business consultation appointment, please contact
Smiljan Jankovic from Archer Gowland on 07 3002 2699.

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